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  • Nylon Hot Melt Yarn
    Nylon Hot Melt Yarn
    ​The low melting point Nylon filament is an innovative fiber, which has passed the Oeko-tex 100 standard certification and obtained the certificate issued by German Heinstein Research Institute that meets the requirements of infant and child product stand

    Wuxi City Lanhua Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. [Verified]

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  • Fabric Tentsile Tent
    Fabric Tentsile Tent
    Tensile Structure Tensile structure fabric is built with Panama base fabric and fire retardant treatment to meet NFPA701 ,B1 or M2 ,The tensile structure fabric has a lacquered finish to allow for easy maintenance and is built with great strength properti

    Zhejiang Gaia Textile Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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